Requiem in Venice

Awakenings 2

Night 2

Sleeping through the day at Isobella’s Venice office. Met Benedict.

Dreams of the past

Showers and katas with saber. Memory of Thomas Whitelake.

Meet with Lisbeth who is trying to get information from a servant of Septimus.

Go to Mestre on the mainland to meet up with the Carthian Movement and Circle of the Crone.

Tony heads the local chapter of the Carthian Movement. Lisbeth, Tabreth and others.

Daniel represents the Circle.

Fight on the docks on the way home.

Luna feeds off a security guard, gives him a heart attack and revives him. He thanks her profusely.

Casiodanous buys a phone and starts to befriend the night shift worker at the local 7-11.

PCs discuss how they are going to establish themselves in the city.



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