Requiem in Venice

Awakenings 2
Night 2

Sleeping through the day at Isobella’s Venice office. Met Benedict.

Dreams of the past

Showers and katas with saber. Memory of Thomas Whitelake.

Meet with Lisbeth who is trying to get information from a servant of Septimus.

Go to Mestre on the mainland to meet up with the Carthian Movement and Circle of the Crone.

Tony heads the local chapter of the Carthian Movement. Lisbeth, Tabreth and others.

Daniel represents the Circle.

Fight on the docks on the way home.

Luna feeds off a security guard, gives him a heart attack and revives him. He thanks her profusely.

Casiodanous buys a phone and starts to befriend the night shift worker at the local 7-11.

PCs discuss how they are going to establish themselves in the city.

Night 1

The characters woke from the troubled sleep of torpor in a small flooded basement. Their first sensations were of blood trickling down their parched throat. Desiccated, leather-like flesh cracked and tore as the they moved for the first time in seventy years to clutch their prey to them.

When their sight returned they saw they were not alone in the room. Aside from the human corpses they each hugged to them, a woman in red motorcycle leathers stood in the three inch deep water of the room. Behind her a girl in a leather jacket and hooded shirt sat in a small alcove. The characters’ beasts each rose in fear of the vampiric nature the woman in red.

Lisbeth introduces herself as Sheriff of Venice. The woman in red is Tabreth.

The characters have been roused at the bequest of Sebastian Aurelius. They are to go to Elysium, but not before they have fed. Lisbeth returns the characters swords (which have to greased to protect them from age in the wet basement) and new cloths. To the characters who were last awake in the 1940s the jeans and T-shirts are odd attire.

The group goes by gondola to a nightspot where they can find prey. They feed*.

Elysium. Vampires in cloaks, masks and tri-corn hats. Pulcinella.

Private meeting with Sebastian. Dominic. Exchange of blood. Sebastian attacks Lisbeth. The group is missing Thomas Whitelake.

Characters meet Isobella who offers them use of her house on Venice island. She resides in Lido. She reminds/informs the group she helped Thomas Whitelake convert a large amount of currency into gold just before the group entered torpor.

Feeding from the Germans.

The group vow to search the basement where they awoke for more clues about Thomas, and anything else they may have left for themselves. They also want to find members of the local Circle of the Crone covenant.

What has come before

In the midst World War 2 the vampires of Venice were terrified. Italy had joined the war on the side of Germany and it was becoming clear that it would be the losing side. London and Dresden had been firebombed – a prospect that chilled the unmoving hearts of the dead. Many vampires choose torpor to wait out the conflict between the Kine.

This is the story of one such coterie.

Putting its affairs in order the group lay down to sleep in a bricked in, flooded basement of Venice to wait out the war.

Seventy years later they are going to wake up…

On the Disorientation of Torpor
Long periods of torpor are accompanied by slow, troubling dreams and the erosion of the vampire’s memories. The vampire wakes disorientated and confused. True memories have been dulled and become indistinguishable from dreamed relationships and events.

Meanwhile the world has moved on, which in modern times can mean fundamental changes in society and technology. For vampires that entered torpor in the 1940’s the world of the new millennium may be inconceivable.

To help deal with all these changes a well prepared vampires will make a journal to help them recall facts correctly once they awake. Resources are converted to gold, gems or put into the care of trusted childer to preserve them across the decades.


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