The game is set in a contemporary version of the world so all currently available technology is present.

Differences between the 1940’s and now

Major changes have occurred in technology since the PCs entered torpor. Some of those changes are discussed here.

Computers: Computers were building sized devices held in academic institutions and military facilities. They typically had less computational power then the modern desktop calculator. They were the purview only of specialists. The PCs may not have even heard of them, and certainly never seen or used one. The internet has not even been conceived of yet.

Television: Commercial televisions appeared in the late 1930’s and World War 2 interrupted their development and distribution. They were only only available to the very rich. The average person knew what a television was and many had seen the first models in shop windows – a place people often gathered to get their news. Radios were wide spread and familiar.

Air Travel: Air technology including jets were developed during the war but only used for military. There were limited air serviced prior to the war – luxury travel was by air-boats and Zeppelin (though the Hindenburg disaster has already happened) – otherwise a most intercontinental travel was by ship.

Space exploration: Satellites, men in space, landing on the moon and exploration of the planets were only considered in highly speculative fiction.


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